Extraordinary Achievement Award Nomination Form

Nomination criteria:
  • Eligible nominees: Project teams of any kind including, but not exclusively, teams working on PMO managed projects, as well as members committees and groups working on significant tasks that reduce cost, or enhance the effectiveness, or efficiency of ITS.
  • Nominations can be submitted at any time.
  • Nominators: Especially ITS managers in support of the recognition of work of their teams, but any member of ITS may nominate a team, or Mason employee outside of ITS if who was working with an ITS team may submit a nomination.
  • Awards will be presented twice a year at ITS All Staff meetings.

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    "The Application New Version Team spent three months working on the migration to enterprise application initiative. The project focused on three key objectives: 1. Identification and documentation of the technical, resource and financial requirements 2. Development of an Implementation Plan and Schedule to include data migrations from several data sources 3. Execution of Implementation Plan and Schedule Marion Morrison served as the team leader and let the team comprised of 11 members from multiple organizations and departments. The team completed the project on schedule, with high satisfaction marks from users."

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    "The team used effective project and meeting management techniques to thoroughly prepare for the project activities and execute the initiative on budget and on schedule. The communication plan, activities calendar and management meetings helped to manage team, stakeholder, and management expectations. (Provide as much specific detail as possible to support your assertion.)"

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    "During the data migration, the team developed a methodology to programmatically identify data that did not meet the import parameters and created a report that made it easy for the data owners to review inconsistencies within and across data sources, provided recommendations for data update/replacement/fill that resulted in significantly more accurate effective data in the new system. (Provide as many specific details as possible to support your assertion.)"

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    "The initiative positively affected other university offices by reducing confusion regarding who does what at each stage of the process to include the applicable data, which positively impacted the students and their parents by improving accuracy and timeliness of responses. (Provide as many specific details as possible to support your assertion.)"